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"This is our adventure in the art of showing and breeding American Serama chickens."  

 Ranging in weight between 10 and 20 ounces. These chickens have a tame and gentle disposition, very calm and should love to be handled by their owners. Even children can pet and hold most Serama.  

 American Seramas are "vertical" chickens, with their erect carriage, wings pointed downward and tails up to the sky. They are very engaging and act like a big chicken in a tiny body! Once we saw and handled these beautiful birds, We knew we had to have them!  With their much smaller "voice" and size, they make for good neighbors, even in suburbs and city living areas. 

 Lulin Serama is located in West Central Florida.  Certified NPIP number, tested twice a year for PT and AI . #58-1441 . We are PT clean and AI clean (AS/H7 clean) as of  May 2018 per Florida Dept. of Agriculture.  "Our flock is certified Newcastle, Avian Influenza and Pullorum Typhoid free."  


 We also breed Modern Game Bantams. Brown Reds, Splash and a few Lemon blues are from top show stock. We took Best in Show NW GA Poultry show 9-8-2012. Lemon Blue Pullet MGB.     We are members of the  American Bantam Association Modern Game Bantam Club of America Central Florida Poultry Breeders Association American Serama Association See you at the shows!

Champion Lulin's Bad To The Bone

ABA , ASA Champion Lulin Gilda-Hen 2012

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Our Hobby is Raising the best American Seramas. We practice full bio-security around our chickens,

Contact us for information and photos of the American Seramas we have available at this time. Also you can click on the link at the top of our webpage "For Sale".  We do not sell chicks or eggs. Only when we can fully evalute them can they be available for sale. lulinserama@hotmail.com

LULIN SERAMA - Luis and Linda Colarte