Cocoapop American Seramas

Cocopop American Seramas  There is such a big issue with the name "cocopop".  It is not a color, but a gene pool that is coming from one American Serama, who was named "Captain Cocopop". 

 This bird was owned by Grady Taylor and he got a lot of offspring from him and has inbred and linebred heavily to reduce size. We purchased a Capt Cocopop son and a few others from that line. 

 This is a representative of the birds we have bred from them.

 It seems that a lot of varieties (colors) are within the cocopop genes.

Different varieties within the "Cocapop" Genes

  • We have two distinct lines which are breeding true.   
  • From Lulin Cafe con Leche- a rich coffee brown or redish with a white Hackle and Saddle.  Very "palomino" in coloring, some with chest lacing as per the original "Captain Cocoapop".
  • From Lulin American Idol- A light golden color with light tail color and Hackles and saddle. Some have a dark edging on tail feathering

Other colors (Varieties) in Cocoapop

  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate laced
  • Duck wing
  • Light wheaten
  • Golden with Silver.
  • Pumpkin
  • Partridge
  • Blue in all shades.

Time will tell

People are working from this gene pool to isolate different varieties.  We love the true Serama temperment and fertility  and looking out in our coops and seeing such beautiful birds.