For Sale American Seramas. Photos added as available.

Cocopop Cockerel

#8282  Cocopop With rounded comb tips $75.00

Black with Red in Hackle and Saddle

#8957  Black 2017   $75.00

White Smooth Cockerel

White Smooth Cockerel $75.00

Birchen Cockerel

8946 Birchen with Silver Hackle and saddle feathers- American Serama Cockerel 18oz  11+mos old $75.00

For Sale American Seramas

Black American Serama

#8956 Black American Serama, some red in saddle  $50.00

From Cocopop, Partridge Cockerel

#8960 Partridge Cockerel, from Cocopop.   $120.00

White Frizzled American Serama

#8961  White Frizzled cockerel  

Price $75.00

White American Serama Breeder pair

#8296 2016 White Smooth American Serama paired with a White Frizzled American Serama hen.  $100.00 for the pair

White Frizzled Hen for pair

White Frizzled hen with 8296

Black American Serama Breeder Pair

#8968 Black American Serama paired with Black Hen 2017  $125.00 for the pair