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Wheaten American Serama

The breeding of wheaten has been a trial. Very small number of chicks and fertility of eggs were being worked out.  This is a very nice Smooth feathered Wheaten. 

This year, 2018,  we have had very successful hatches of some very typey wheaten chicks.    Hard work and perservance have paid off.  

We wish all those who carry on with this variety the very best.

Wheaten American Serama pullet

Very nice type is generated with this wheaten line.  Hard to come by.

Wheaten American Serama pair

Very few Frizzled or Silkied Wheatens have developed with this line. Frizzled will be accepted with the smooth when presented to APA and The ABA..   Silkied Wheaten can be shown with the other feathered wheaten on Table Top.